Chiropractic care has been practiced for over 100 years, and it continues to evolve and improve. With groundbreaking and innovative techniques combined with various methods to approach pain management and wellness, one of the most common techniques used is called the Torque Release Technique, also known as TRT.

The Torque Release Technique is a scientifically-proven technique that aids in pain control and overall health and wellness, and Dr. Mark Sicheneder has an in-depth background in using and applying TRT in various cases. The staff at Velocity Health and Wellness also complete regular training regarding the latest in best practices for TRT. This ensures our approach is up-to-date with the latest in safety and science.

Understanding Torque Release Technique

Essentially, TRT is a gentle and focused application of chiropractic adjustments. It’s very highly regarded within the chiropractic community due to its ability to identify neurological imbalances. In turn, this encourages and promotes the body to recover better from pain, injury, or illness. Part of our mission at Velocity Health and Wellness is to give the highest quality of care. As such, our entire team completes training and education on proper TRT techniques. This allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date and latest practices related to TRT.

How TRT Works

TRT is top of the line when it comes to precision, and this is what sets it apart from other chiropractic techniques. In other words, TRT pinpoints specific areas. A TRT practitioner uses a special instrument, called an integrator, to finely adjust these spots. It’s a drug-free and non-invasive technique that contributes to spinal realignment and the correction of neurological impairments, such as those that are involved in brain to body communication.

Integrator and the TRT technique used at Velocity Health and Wellness

With the correction of these subluxations, pathways of communication are reopened and your body functions better as a whole. Further, this method involves zero twisting, popping, or cracking. It’s gentle, comfortable, and stress-free, which is why Dr. Mark Sicheneder prefers to use it at Velocity Health Center.

Improving your spinal health at Velocity Health and Wellness in Ann Arbor

Improving Your Spinal Health

TRT produces gentle impulses via the application of light pressure along specific spots on the spine. These impulses gently realign your spine, moving your vertebrae back into place. By realigning your spine to a normal curvature, TRT alleviates muscle and neural tension and promotes proper functioning of the body and its systems. This chiropractic technique achieves these benefits by reducing blockages present within the pathways leading from your brain to your spine. This means that your brain is able to send stronger signals which allows your body to work and function better, especially when it comes to your body’s natural healing abilities.

Your spinal health matters more than you may think. In fact, it’s the key to overall body health and wellness. By keeping your spine in proper alignment, you can live your life free from injury, illness, and pain.

What Ages Can Benefit From TRT?

The Torque Release Technique is safe and effective for all ages. From newborn infants to adults and seniors, everyone can benefit from TRT. Dr. Mark Sicheneder encourages you to schedule an appointment with our team. We enjoy meeting new clients from all stages of life whether they are children, teens, parents, or grandparents.

How Quickly Does It Work?

The time frame in which a person will experience relief depends on the individual and their unique situation. Each person is different. Some patients may see results immediately, while others may need many adjustment sessions before seeing any improvements. This varies due to numerous factors, such as how badly the spine is out of alignment.

Dr. Mark Sicheneder recommends practicing patience throughout the process, since it may take time for your body’s natural healing abilities to improve. The speed of healing and improvement truly depends on the seriousness of your impairment. Since chiropractic care involves a holistic approach to wellness, we often suggest that clients continue to come in, even following some improvements. Chiropractic adjustments and care should be included in your regular health and wellness routine.

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